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The unit was fomed on the March 1941 as 296 Squadron of the air training Corps under a Royal Warrant signed by His late Majesty King George VI dated 5th February 1941. The Squadron is one of over 1000 in the Air Training Corps

(with a membership of 60000 cadets, aged 13 to 20 years, and volunteer staff). The ATC is a national youth organisation funded by the Royal Air Force to provide young people with training which will be useful in adult life, to foster an interest in the Royal Air Force and aviation. The “squadron” is the basic operating unit of the Corps with very close ties to its local community. It was .

296 Squadron has enjoyed a very successful existence. Its current strength is 40+ members. Its particular strength is in sport, having dominated the athletics, foot ball, and from the 1950s to the late 1980s the Squadron band was recognised as one of the best bands in the London area.

The Squadron’s aim is to develop in its cadets, through the concept of formal military disciple, a sense of responsibility, confidence, loyalty, determination and motivation, by teaching and providing cadets with skills in areas of communication, leadership, planning, and team working through a host of practical initiatives centred on competition in as many areas of Squadron training activity as possible; mainly sport and adventure training.